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What is Author's Art?

Author's Art is a site about three authors: Jae Worth, Janeau L'voe and Janean Nusz. And their art. That's it.
Jae Worth writes fiction, mostly YA. She also wants to break into writing in the inspirational markets. Janeau L'voe is a bit more racy. She writes (fairly clean) romance, and tends to lean towards sci-fi and fantasy. Janean Nusz sticks to non-fiction, mainly writing reviews and articles, but she has authored a couple of children's books, too.

What is their art? Writing, of course. But they also graphic design and digital art.

New Cover... and Poser Debut

So, I received a copy of Poser Debut for review, which I was really excited about. I set out to remake the cover for THE STEM OF TIME, which is currently up at It took me a bit to get comfortable with the controls, but I was able to create a very pleasing image for my new cover.
What do you think?

The background and title were made with Photoshop. Only the woman was made with Poser.

Giving away 20 copies of THE STEM OF TIME

Manipulating time - who hasn't wanted to try it at least once? Perhaps you've wanted to travel back in time to right a wrong, to change a tragedy or to make the right choice the second time around. Perhaps you've wanted to travel to the future to see how things will turn out. Or, maybe, like me, you'd like to be able to slow time down so you'd be able to get more done in a day?

New Site, New Purpose...

You've probably noticed that I haven't posted anything here for a while. That's because I've started a new site for reviews and have been posting them there, instead of here. The site is called - we'll follow trends in publishing, technology, mostly.

I'm going to start posting other, more authorly things here. Happy reading!

New Time Travel Release

Author Janeau L'voe has just released a new time travel romance action short. Find the book for Kindle at Amazon. This is a fun, fast-paced short just perfect for reading on your mobile device during a long commute, or when you want a little something fun to read, but don't have a lot of time to devote to reading.

Lose Weight by Controlling Insulin Levels?

Recently I've done a lot of self-experimentation and research on the connection between controlling insulin levels and weight loss. For my own personal body type and metabolic needs, the link has proven to be true. I have lost a significant amount of weight by just cutting out sugars. This may seem simple - but in fact it is not. ALL sugars seem to be a contributing factor - including natural sugars found in honey and fruit. I'm not recommending that you stop eating fruit, only that you think about limiting your intake.