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What is Author's Art?

Author's Art is a site about three authors: Jae Worth, Janeau L'voe and Janean Nusz. And their art. That's it.
Jae Worth writes fiction, mostly YA. She also wants to break into writing in the inspirational markets. Janeau L'voe is a bit more racy. She writes (fairly clean) romance, and tends to lean towards sci-fi and fantasy. Janean Nusz sticks to non-fiction, mainly writing reviews and articles, but she has authored a couple of children's books, too.

What is their art? Writing, of course. But they also graphic design and digital art.

Mind Mods by Jae Worth

The second edition of Mind Mods by Jae Worth just went live on Amazon yesterday. Here's the cover:

MIND MODS is science fiction for the young adult/teen crowd, although I think that most adults will like it too.

I'm sure that you've already learned this in your own life, but it is all about control. Who has it, who doesn't, and who is controlling who. Just imagine the horror of having millions of tiny nanobots digging into your neurons, entrenching themselves deeply into your brain and controlling your thoughts, impulses and actions. What could be more horrible than that?

Mind Mods a new release by Jae Worth

Someone is messing with the minds of the teens at Julie's school and using them all as a bunch of lab rats. Quite by accident, she finds herself among the few who are unaffected. Forced into the role of rescuer, she must find a way to save the ones she loves, help her classmates before their minds are gone forever and outsmart those who are trying to modify her mind.

Available now on Amazon Kindle.

New Cover... and Poser Debut

So, I received a copy of Poser Debut for review, which I was really excited about. I set out to remake the cover for THE STEM OF TIME, which is currently up at It took me a bit to get comfortable with the controls, but I was able to create a very pleasing image for my new cover.
What do you think?

The background and title were made with Photoshop. Only the woman was made with Poser.

Giving away 20 copies of THE STEM OF TIME

Manipulating time - who hasn't wanted to try it at least once? Perhaps you've wanted to travel back in time to right a wrong, to change a tragedy or to make the right choice the second time around. Perhaps you've wanted to travel to the future to see how things will turn out. Or, maybe, like me, you'd like to be able to slow time down so you'd be able to get more done in a day?

New Site, New Purpose...

You've probably noticed that I haven't posted anything here for a while. That's because I've started a new site for reviews and have been posting them there, instead of here. The site is called - we'll follow trends in publishing, technology, mostly.

I'm going to start posting other, more authorly things here. Happy reading!