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Busy People's Fast and Frugal Cookbook Review

The Busy People's Fast and Frugal Cookbook by Dawn Hall has a great premise: fast, healthy meals for the family. The cookbook has an interesting layout, complete with nutritional information and a shopping list for each recipe, and most recipes also have a photo. The recipes are fast and family-friendly.

My only problem with the cookbook is that it seems to use a lot of prepacked ingredients. Most of the ingredient lists call for canned goods of one sort or another, and several recipes only include canned goods - nothing freshly prepared. While that is alright once in a while, I like to actually cook things-you know, from scratch! I think that this book should have been marketed more for beginning cooks, not just the "fast and frugal" crowd. Readers may have been more satisfied with a cookbook for beginners that uses a lot of canned and prepacked ingredients.

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