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Review of Never Let You Go

Never Let You Go unfolds fast and furiously, sucking the reader deeply into the story and keeping them turning pages eagerly. The story is well written, the characters are very believable and realistic, and the setting keeps readers interested. The surprise twists and turns of the storyline are a welcome change from the predictable. Erin Healy has done a fantastic job in the writing of Never Let You Go , but what really sets the book apart is what the story imparts to the reader. The message, some might call it the moral of the story, really sticks with the reader, leaving a lasting impression. Skillfully woven into the engrossing story is a thread of faith, mixed with a message of understanding that settles into the reader's soul. Thought provoking and insightful, Never Let You Go is a novel I'd happily recommend to anyone who enjoys Christians suspense.