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Lose Weight by Controlling Insulin Levels?

Recently I've done a lot of self-experimentation and research on the connection between controlling insulin levels and weight loss. For my own personal body type and metabolic needs, the link has proven to be true. I have lost a significant amount of weight by just cutting out sugars. This may seem simple - but in fact it is not. ALL sugars seem to be a contributing factor - including natural sugars found in honey and fruit. I'm not recommending that you stop eating fruit, only that you think about limiting your intake. I started using many of the NuStevia products (liquid stevia, stevia crystals, vanilla liquid stevia) to replace my beloved natural sugars and found that this change did, in fact, facilitate weight loss. Since stevia is considered a "natural" sweetener, this proved to be a good solution. I don't care for many of the artificial sweeteners and their horrific side-effects, so using them was not an option. NuStevia products are one of the keys to my weight loss, along with a low-carb diet and exercise of course. I highly recommend you try them if you are also trying control your insulin levels and produce weight loss.

**As is always the case, be sure to consult your physician before following changing your diet or exercise program.**