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Giving away 20 copies of THE STEM OF TIME

Manipulating time - who hasn't wanted to try it at least once? Perhaps you've wanted to travel back in time to right a wrong, to change a tragedy or to make the right choice the second time around. Perhaps you've wanted to travel to the future to see how things will turn out. Or, maybe, like me, you'd like to be able to slow time down so you'd be able to get more done in a day?

In THE STEM OF TIME, Jillian only has one goal: to finish her research and cure cancer. When she's threatened with the loss of her research funding, she realizes that without a little extra time, she's not going to be able to complete her work before the deadline. Desperate for a solution, she invents a time distortion that allows her to slow time - but only inside her laboratory.
However, she never counted on a time cop being sent to stop her. Now she finds herself in a mess, with a new husband, a bounty on her head and a whole new life in the future.

I'm giving away 20 copies of my ebook THE STEM OF TIME. If you'd like to receive one, just be one of the first 20 people to use the contact form to send me an email. The ebook will be delivered as a PDF to your email address.


The Stem of Time

I'd love to read your book, but not sure if you've already hit the 20 mark in comments. :) Btw, the description sounds appealing...

Best wishes!