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Featured Review

by Frank Peretti


Nate Springfield, his wife Sarah, and their twins Elisha and Elijah, comprise a highly effective investigative team at the heart of The Veritas Project. Their mission is to find the Truth, and the facts behind the Truth.

In Book One, something mysterious is afoot in Baker, Washington. Several of the star football team's athletes have fallen ill with a mysterious sickness that causes hallucinations, insanity and coma. The school officials are baffled. The parents are frightened and outraged. The student body is equal parts fascinated and horrified, wondering if the Hangman's Curse could really be true. Rumor has it that once, a bullied boy hung himself inside the school, and now he's back to haunt the student body and protect the weak by bringing down the strong. The Springfield family must find the Truth - and fast - before the mysterious sickness claims more victims.

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