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Our Books:
The Ogre's Curse - a fantasy novel for the Young Adult crowd.
Lady Geyr - a fantasy picture book for children.
The Littlest Cowboy - children's picture book, contemporary.
Lilly Loller's Always Late - children's picture book featuring both alliteration and a moral lesson about being late.
The Gryphon's Gold - children's picture book, fantasy.
The Moonlight Medallion - children's picture book, fantasy.
Destiny's Promise - an anthology of short fantasy stories for adults
Chronicles of Zureil, Link to the Past, Part 1 - Amazon Short, Christian Fantasy Short, first in a series.
Shattered Blue, The Stranger, Part 1 - Amazon Short, Christian Historical Fiction Short, first in a series.
Cup of Comfort for Friends - My story Inner Vision appears in this best-selling anthology of inspirational stories.
Ranger's Way - a Romantic Western Novella by Janeau L'voe.

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